Sunday, August 7, 2011

What inspires?

What does it take to stay inspired everyday? To push through the mundane?

Does intention play a part in your day? Do you start the day with a clear direction of what it is that has to be accomplished? Could be as simple as the pile of washing that has been begging your attention or that important project that has to be on your bosses desk by close of business?
Do you break those goals down and have a plan of action? I wonder what inspires the most mundane. Its easy to seek the answer to what inspires the fun things and that is its FUN. Doesn't take Einstein does it. But if we look at fun what does it create, satisfaction, contentment and happiness.

Although, we can find satisfaction in completing a task such as the washing! Does that make us happy? Perhaps somewhat. Maybe not as much as fun. So without the fun the question still lurks, what is the inspiration?

I'm sure I have blogged about this before, maybe i still don't quite get where to find it?

Maybe its all the small talk to ourselves during the day such as if i do the crappy job i will reward myself with

Picture from;

Maybe the inspiration is drawn from family,

 My family.

Or friendship,

Even of the animal kind.

Is inspiration drawn from others who struggle through too?

Inspiration is something that wavers with me but i turn to all of the above to find it again.
My intention for the day is to remember what inspires me.

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