Friday, August 19, 2011


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I'm back in bed today.
It makes me sad that OT has this control over my body and hence my life. It seems cruel that the sun is shining. Its like its teasing "nuh nuh, if you could just get out of bed you could enjoy me".
I know I am not alone, and others suffer too. Today, I applaud all the strength in those that endure this daily.
Some days, I may be ill but I have enough wellness to get through the day and do something other than laying in bed............ I should be thankful for that little bit of wellness.

I don't want it to rule my life and control my existence like an invading poison ivy.
While I lay here my family live on, enjoying life's gifts, creating lasting memories for themselves. If all I have left is memories, I have to be happy with that. My family has given me memories that are so satisfying and warming to the soul. My family wont let the sunlight move into the shade. They will always give me memories to dream about on the darkest of days and the sunlight will always be there, tantalising and teasing away.

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