Monday, August 15, 2011

Changing rooms

As usual I have been spending time in my daughters room. We have a long way to go with her room but we are slowly getting her more organised. She doesn't have many toys anymore so its really just storage that we have to organise her with.
We decided to take her hats and bags away from a space that could be used for her clothes and hang them just near her door. Her bags and dressing gown used to be thrown on the floor just near the door so hopefully it wont take to much effort to hang it on her hook (fork).
Next job will be to find a cute desk and install a shelf for her TV. Also I need to make better use of her wardrobe space to make it easy for her to find her favourite clothes and arrange it seasonally appropriate.

This is her wardrobe, however it doesn't stay like this. I need to get my brain working and come up with a way to keep her small space from getting cluttered.

This is the way her room looked but we are changing it around. Will post a pic when we have completed the move. This doesn't mean the project will be completed, we want away with the pink and go with a lovely lime colour which my friend has for her girls. It looks so fresh and cosy so I aim to create that for my girl. We are also attempting to get a country/rustic feel. Will keep you posted!

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