Friday, June 3, 2011

Whats your status?

I have been thinking a lot lately about materialism and how it affects me. This is what I wrote just recently on my facebook page.

"The happiest people don't need to pursue wealth. The latest gadgets and flashy THINGS don't make you successful. Its the sharing and caring and the self worth that makes one happy. The neediness is insecurity in ones worth. Find your worth and shine".

It is a statement, but more of a reminder to myself as it is so easy to be interested and drawn to the things that others are enjoying.
Have you ever envied others for having something that you can't have? Even as a child i remember wanting to have the toys my friends had, theirs were way more delightful than mine.
As a child having bragging rights over something brought on the friends. Having THINGS makes others like you and that matters as a young child.To me it did anyway. Maybe it is a learnt thing to be wanting things to better our stance in life?
It is ever evolving though, newer and better things come out on the market and to keep up the social status you need to keep up with the newest and latest things. When would it end?
Wouldn't it be sad if you couldn't provide good healthy food for the family because you had to have the best house, car, boat, etc.? Wouldn't it be nice to have money in the bank and little or no debt.
How do we get away from WANTING, and lean more to fulfilling our NEEDS?

Lets be kind and reach out to someone in need. Lets follow our passions and be grateful. Lets find purpose which will bring us happiness. Lets stops the race of materialism and starts an incredible journey of living with a purpose.

Living simple and free from clutter is my goal. It allows me to clear the way to love the things I do have. I want to possess things that are special to me and my family. I want to have less to make choices simple. I want to finish with the competition but not without a trophey as my trophey is my happiness.

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