Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chronic Illness

I am trying to find information on coping with a chronic illness. Almost all of them begin with eating well and light exercise. What if exercise actually makes your condition worse, then what? I think it just means that i miss out on the benefits of weight control and those great endorphins. Insert a sad face here.
I wonder if your thinking, "yeah right, isn't that just an excuse not to exercise" and "if you don't use it you lose it". Its okay to think that, i hear it a lot. In fact some people with my condition find it helps maintain their strength to exercise and live a somewhat normal life. I think i left it too late to get on the track so to speak. My condition came on fast and strong and now exercise makes my fatigue and tremors worse so I save my energy to run after my adorable toddler. I guess some would call, running after a toddler, exercise in itself?

In my search i have found some useful information and not so useful (such as the exercise).
Such things like laughter, family times, relaxation (hear i am being lazy again), pacing ones self, organization, creating healthy relationships are wonderful tips.

Spending time with my family brings me joy and by spending time with family i mean spending time without the illness coming into the moment. There is always time to discuss it later. Time that is shared with having fun and laughing,sharing and playing is so important for the soul. Being active doesn't always have to be the only fun, watching a family movie together can be uplifting also.Or just the moments when my husband kisses me on my forehead is so heart warming it stands time still just for that moment, our moment, and it is something that would make anyone feel better. Allowing yourself to be loved is the best gift you could allow yourself. In the grim moments that kiss lifts the heavy burden of being ill just enough to get you through the days and live another day to enjoy another of those special kisses.

I have also gained a great friend because of Orthostatic Tremor and it has been incredibly important to me for many reasons. We have laughed and cried together we have shared our stories and we have built a wonderful healthy relationship where we can both rely on each other equally for support. I can't stress how important i think it is for people to find support in others who also suffer a chronic illness. I enjoy my friendship and it gives me something to look forward to. Our times talking are special and since special times are rare when stuck at home in the misery of sickness, it seems like such a bright star in the darkest of dark skies.

I ramble too much but i guess what i am saying is that i found what i was looking for in my family and my friendships, this is what keeps me going and coping with the chronic illness. There are so many hints and tips on how to cope. but if you just open yourself up to just a special few, it might just help you cope through another day.

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