Monday, May 30, 2011

Will I or wont I?

After a night of my second oldest boy throwing up, I thought it would be nice to straighten his bed up and tuck him in for the day, since he wouldn't be attending school.

I climbed over mounds of clothes, towels, school bags and shoes, just to get to one side of the bed. The other side of the bed was an obstacle course of art folders and textas.

To access his window to let in a bit of fresh air, my next adventure was guitars, beanbags and my daughters clothes and shoes.

Delving deeper into the abyss of mess, was food wrappers and pencil shavings. Peering out from behind the opened wardrobe doors were T'shirts sadly moping around missing their coat hangers. A sad shoe sits patiently awaiting its mate. School papers greedily take up space and look like they have been chucking a party in celebration of finding freedom from the school bag. What awaits me in the otherside of the wardrobe is yet to be seen and will be avoided like the plague.

I didn't stay and attend to this bedroom despite its need, i walked out feeling like a deflated balloon. After de cluttering my daughters room and my 2 yr olds room, I thought I was done for a while since the older boys are 13 and 15 and don't need their mum going through their room. Yeah right!

I love organising. So much so that I can read organising blogs forever BUT it is upsetting to have all your work undone in no time at all. It is undone before maintanence can even happen. With limited energy, I use it like gold. I work around the house for the love of the person and people i do it for. So when my energy is waisted i take it personal. My family know what how my illness limits me so it is hard not to take it personal. so here is my question? How do I help them, help themselves?

Over the years I have tried many stratagies, such as a laundry basket for each person, in the bathroom and one in the laundry for linens. I have tried the basket ball hoop over the baskets. I have bought tubs and baskets for them to throw their football gear and shoes into. I have done up rosters and rewards. Nothing has ever stuck. The routines have always been the same but the children have gotten smarter as they have become teenagers. Every morning the routine is to ensure the bedroom is tidy before they leave the house. Things are tidied............... by hiding them. Sigh. When do you quit and just keep the door closed at all times? Is it teaching, to do it all for them all the time?

So should I or shouldn't I clean up their room AGAIN? Will I or wont I?

Would you?

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