Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Chapter are you up too?

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Do you ever really know someone really well?
Do you know everything there is to know about your partner, your children or your friends?
When you think about yourself, do you let everyone know your innermost thoughts and feelings?
Narrow it down and ask yourself if you let your partner in on those thoughts and feelings?
Is it easier to share most everything about yourself with your partner, the closest person to you and less with your children, even less with friends, and finally only a small percent with colleagues and so on? That may not be precise depending on how your life is. You may share all your feelings with your closest friend instead of the partner and so on but the gist of this is, we choose who we share ourselves with and how much of ourselves.
Is there a part of you that never gets discovered?
Even if its a desire that you would like to go to other side of the world only to witness a dawn and a dusk but don't share it because it may be met with reality of money issues, work commitments etc. This is still an example of self that never gets discovered. A fleeting thought is the richness of your being. Do our partners, friends, children and colleagues really know the person they see everyday? They recognise your human structure, the colour of your hair, your eyes, the way you wear your clothes, the sound of your voice but never the inner being. We choose what we want people to see about us.
Lashing out at the people you love, trusting that you can hurt the ones you love because you have that unconditional love. That kind of behaviour wouldn't be a chosen to share with a person you see occasionally. If you are an affectionate person and you love a hug on greeting this may be okay with friends and with your partner and children but do you greet everyone at work that way? We also choose how we behave in different circumstances. There is like a hierarchy of sharing yourself. From least to most. This is so obvious a thing but what isn't so obvious is at the top end, the most, being partner or closest friend, do you share yourself in its entirety to this person. Do you spill whats on your mind even if it may hurt that person, do you tell all of your inner most dreams even at the risk of maybe looking silly?
We all have the human body in common but so diverse when it comes to the inner being or soul or whatever label that you would like to use.
What does this mean to you? Your idea of what you would call your inner self shows the diversity within each of us. We are so different even within our similarities, how could we know "everything" there is to know about someone?
We all see and hear things we take on board in our daily lives, that shape us in the way we behave, think, even changing the way we feel about things. Can we possibly share our thoughts that are fleeting yet shaping with the one we share "everything" with? We never stop learning therefore we are forever evolving, others can love us for who we are but it is who they think we are as we choose to show behaviours that others can recognise and that in which we like ourselves. Except for those times when we act "inappropriately" then that's just our angry self. Or when we are sick and we hide out for the day in bed grumpy, that's just our "sick" self. We can be any emotion "self".
I think i come to the conclusion after my rambling, that there is many faces to ourselves, faces that we like, faces that we don't and faces that stay safely in its cocoon locked somewhere in the inner self yet to be discovered. We are all a book, getting our pages turned, each chapter unravelling the story, not quite ever being told in its entirety, not just yet anyway. Happy reading.

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