Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I found myself in trash. Not literally sitting in trash (well sort of) but who I am. I have found what inspires me and fulfills me. I love the thought of one item less in landfill if I can refuse, reuse and recycle. I love upcycling and using my imagination when it comes to my trash.

I have also found my family again.
I love how my husband has taken on board his own pleasures within my quest to be more self sufficient. He loves the veggie garden, he is frugal and has an eye for permaculture. We bounce off each other, what we can do next that includes using recycled material for the house and garden. I love that it has given us another interest and has brought us another common interest. It has gotten us away from the TV which makes us unsocial and got us sharing some special times together, did i tell you i love it?

I also love how my second oldest boy has become a bit of a intellect when it comes to what is a environmentally friendly way to live. He was proud to tell me he joined the environmental crew at school.

My daughter stopped and asked me if her pony hair could go in the compost. Before i could answer, she said no it would be made of plastic. Either I have made her paranoid of putting things in the wrong bins or she is taking the time to think what is best for her earth. Either way i think it is great at 9 she is mindful.

My oldest boy likes the fact that we like to appreciate nature and go to forests and conservation parks. As a toddler it was extremely hard to get him indoors and i like to see him now at 15 getting away from game consoles and enjoying his first love.

My toddler is naturally into simplicity but i think he couldn't give too hoots at 2 but he will see how we live and hopefully follow suit.

I absolutely love to use my hands and have always loved making things, so when i found myself with time and nothing but time i found trash. I can't actually place what made me interested. What matters though is that i found in trying to be crafty with trash, i also found that i was passionate about the earth and how we treat the only home we have. I was so shocked that in my misery (due to illness) brought me a love that has given me my self worth back.

Who would have thought that trash would bring me happiness, is there such thing as trash anyway??

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  1. Love this post, can feel your love for your family and excitement of good changes.