Friday, May 6, 2011

Activities on ur bum

When I was at my worst I thought to myself that any kind of life besides a miserable existence was all I was destined for. Its hard to see the opposite to the negative sometimes. So as a reminder I have found some photos to keep me inspired when I get glum. I'm not sure who has ownership to these pictures so I apologise but give thanks.

This Photo is owned by Ralph Hicker.

This photo inspires me because it has captured the beauty of so many things. The suns reflection onto the water, drawing the eye to the ripples on the water and the ducks swimming by a canoe that is simple but attractive red against its contrast. Most of all when my legs are suffering from the effects of Orthostatic Tremor I can always have an experience such as paddling softly through the calm waters somewhere appreciating wildlife.

Since OT has its sufferers sitting the majority of the time. Sufferers or not we don't have to think we are limited to indoors. Wouldn't it be so meditative swinging on a comfy chair looking out onto a view and the smell of the outdoors and the potted plants all around you.

I might not be able to walk at times but maybe four legs could help? A nice relaxed walk would be the best. Imagine splashing along the beach at sunset or sundown. Mmmm my kind of living.

These images remind me that there are things to do even when I can't be standing. I wonder what other activities I could do while sitting. My kids would say Go Karting....ha no way !!

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