Friday, April 15, 2011


What comes to mind when I say the word satisfaction?
Contentment, enjoyment,settled,gratification,fulfillment?

The word that resonates mostly with me is contentment. Having all that I need and want.

 I sometimes feel restless but does that have to do with satisfaction? Does feeling restless mean I am not satisfied with what I have got? Should we be satisfied or does feeling unsatisfied give us drive?

I like this quote as it is a good reminder that if we give ourselves completely to opportunities that come upon us then we have to be satisfied with our participation.
"He that hopes to look back hereafter with satisfaction upon past years must learn to know the present value of single minutes, and endeavour to let no particle of time fall useless to the ground." Samuel Johnson
What made me think about raving about the word Satisfaction? Well for as long as I can remember, I have completely changed around furniture and cupboards and it drives my family mad. My thoughts are, does this mean I am never satisfied?
 I once heard that if someone is like this they usually change a room when they are particularly unhappy in their life in some way.
However, it is something I enjoy so does this mean I am doing an activity that brings me satisfaction?
I do look at my friends and family and realize this is something others don't do much, if ever. Is there someone out there that have this mad obsession like I do?
I love to organise and declutter, I am not a neat freak far from it, in fact the house always is cluttered! If you look in one little nook in the house you may find a highly organised cupboard. Most of all I love to design a room, change furniture around, change the furniture, pictures, pillows, curtains. When I get an idea in my head I don't give up. I, with my disability and all, will find a way to move the sofa if I want it some place else.
Today I got my hubby to put up some curtains that I got from the op shop (of course). Earlier in the week I changed around furniture to open up the lounge room and make it a safer place for my wee boy to play. A large coffee table in the centre of the room with sharp edges did not make for a content (satisfied?) mum. So the coffee table is against the wall now, under the window and the pot plant that was sitting on it loves the move as it gets so much sunlight. A satisfied plant!
I am happy with the way it looks, would I like it to look better? Yeah, there is probably something missing, like a bookcase with old, loved books. Is this materialistic to try and make an effect with things? Does homely come from within or from things? 
If you asked would I change the lounge room around again, my answer would be, I know I definitely will. I can't help myself. I have no idea why. Today I feel satisfied but next week that might change. We have been in this house for over a year and I have changed it at least five times. Don't even ask about the other rooms, gee no wonder I am exhausted. 

So am I satisfied because I am satisfied in the moment, after I have completed my task? Or am I unsettled, dissatisfied because I have to change so often?

You know what they say about change, change is as good as a holiday.

Are you satisfied??

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