Monday, April 4, 2011

Reason for living.

Even after its all gone;
The waves would keep rolling on to foreshores
lapping at the kiddies feet paddling.

The city will light up at night
as a luminous attraction from a birds eye view.

Children will be playing in the yard
screams and laughter will be heard.

The streets will be crammed
shoppers, workers and sightseers about.

Artists will continue their strokes of creation
hands talents inducing thought and interest.

In a far off country a crossed legged boy sits
weaving a basket to carry the load.

People will mingle with airs and graces
"ching,ching" of champagne flutes.

Catch up for cuppas
the kettle whistles.

The fire burns such a warming resting place
the farmers reward for the hand behind the axe.

Bread would be baking
aroma sweet and homely.

All of this and much more continues
all when a life whittles away.

Another season,
A new life, a new reason.

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