Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orthostatic Tremor sucks

This looks like a simple parting of the hair.

In the centre is a a spot of no hair. I have this in a few spots mainly at the back. My hair has gone limp and thin at the back and although it is thicker at the sides it is thinning also.

In the beginning I didn't mind at all as my hair was so thick I could barely put it up. What does this have to do with OT you ask?

My medications that I have been trying to calm my OT have had a side effect of hair loss and it is loss, as I have no replacement hair growing back according to my doctor. This morning my husband took this picture above and I cried. If you had felt my hair before you would understand. I know it is a vanity thing but I know I feel better and more myself with hair.

 Eight years ago I shaved my head to raise funds for cancer and I really had an eye opener of what young girls with hair loss through cancer treatment, would go through without their hair. I got glares and rude comments from people who didn't know my situation. It was a great experience to gain empathy for those who lose their hair through cancer. So knowing what it is like having no hair I don't want to go there again.

 It seems though if I want to stand up and be present in my kids life I have to kiss vanity goodbye.

 A pic when I shaved my head. Yes you are allowed to laugh.

This is a bit of a look of how thick my hair was.

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