Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Happier you

I am reading a book at the moment that has provoked thought about my views on happiness.

If you asked yourself, are you as happy as you can be? What would your answer be?

I always thought i was unhappy with my life and with myself but i think i am happy but only with aspects of it.

I have a beautiful family. Four precious children who i genuinely would give my life for. A loving husband who has been by my side since i was twelve. I have a beautiful old home and plenty of out door space. I have few friends but the friends i have are incredible and take me as i am warts and all.

With so much how can i possibly be unhappy. Especially when i can be thankful for the air i breath and the water that is free flowing from a tap, the warmth of my blankets and cool air from our freezing air con.

I am so often though complaining how miserable i am, what i should be thinking is i am happy but i can be happier. The things that get me down, can they be improved? I think so.

Would our kids be less stressful if we did fun activities with them rather than let them do as they please? Probably. Would it make us all happy after a session of fun? Probably.
Would my husband feel more appreciated if i gave him my full undivided attention often rather than just when the kids go to bed? Probably.
Would the mess in my house be less stressful if we decreased the amount of what we own? Do we need five pairs of runners each? I really think we would all appreciate not cleaning up as much.

If these few things were all that had to be improved to make a happier me, this should be simple for bigger reward.

This is my thoughts so far after reading just one chapter. I think this might be a good book. Will write again once i have finished and will share with you the title.

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