Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back on the happy issue

Still reading this book about being happier than happy.
It isn't a long book, so why take so long to read it? Honestly because life is hectic! Do four kids explain why. Haha.
Seriously though, these types of books I like to read giving the author my complete attention but also understanding of each phrase. I believe the authors give us their dedication to the book and to its audience so in return I try and get out of it as much as I can because they put in a big part of themselves.
Anyway, I am up to a section which speaks about "Arrival fallacy". Meaning that we think that we will only be happy when we are richer, feeling fitter, less tired, when we can travel or when when when. It is however, meant to be joyful in the beginning, during and even when we reach what ever it is that we are reaching for.
This made me think of what happens when we reach what makes us happy, then what? Will it keep us happy or will we have something else we "need" to strive for to make us happy? I think you know what I'm getting at and have heard it many times and probably read it many times. The journey is what we need to enjoy. Each moment, achievement, goal obtained even failures we can learn from needs to be looked at as something that is an enjoyable process. We need to take pleasure in the small measures we take to achieve our goals and dreams. The process is what this author calls growth. Happiness comes from the self satisfaction of achieving the small goals each day, in the moment this brings satisfaction and joy. This has to be happy on our journey to "happiness". So does this mean we have reached our destination? Who wants to reach it if we are enjoying the moment so much?
I have a lot of questions don't I?
I will let you know what the title is soon, keep posted.

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