Monday, February 14, 2011

No Diary ever the same

I love journals or gratitude diaries. I love how the paper holds secrets and passions and desires. I love how it can make no sense. I love filling the pages with picture cutouts, drawings, poems or quotes. It can be inspiring or therapeutic, a way to rid your mind of its worry.
Each Journal can never be the same.Each page turned is a new beginning.
I saw a documentary once on a traveling diary.
A man gathered a lot of diaries and made a different front cover for each. He then posted some and left others in parks on the bus etc.. The only instruction was to fill a page and pass it on to anyone, a stranger. In the documentary they managed to track some down and follow their journey. The pages were sometimes filled with colour others were full of black sombre pictures or words. Sometimes filled with hate other times filled with love and passions. At times it was political or religious. They were found in many parts of the world. To me it would be quite special to receive something like this but sad to pass on knowing you may never see it again after you have put a piece of you in it.
I often wonder where in the world these wonderful art filled journals are.

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